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Frequently asked questions

How do you know that the child needs help ?

The Doctor sends us the patients from the hospital. We verify the genuinety by talking to them and take up the cases. We conduct medical camps in remote villages of TamilNadu and make a list of patients who require further investigation. The patients are advised to come to Chennai and the process starts at the Hospital. We get referrals from other NGOs

How do we receive the donations ?

We place an advertisement in the National Daily. We get an undertaking from the patient's family that they have no objection in placing the advertisement by using the child's photo We also take an undertaking from the patient's family that if an excess amount is received, that money will be used for another deserving patient and they will not go to Hospital to claim the money.

How do we know that our money paid as donation reaches the patient ?

We send the receipt for the amount received mentioning the patient name.

Do we follow up the patient ?

Yes we do follow up with the patient. We keep in touch with the patients family regarding the treatment.

If the patient is no more during the process of getting donation what do we do ?

The Donor is informed and after taking their consent, we utilize for another deserving patient.

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